Alma Mater & Fight Song

Alma Mater

Glory La Salle by Daniel J. Rodden, '41

Above Explorers valiant

Here under thine eyes
Thy blue and gold banners
Unfurl 'neath the skies

La Salle, La Salle, thy glory
Thy triumphs we praise,
Thy name in song forever
Shall we proudly raise
Thy sons and daughters standing
Await thy command,
Thou fortress of faith in
Our God and our land

Repeat Chorus

Fight Song

Fight, fight, fight, fight;
Fight on, Explorers;
Fight on for L.S.U.

Give 'em "L"
Give 'em "A"
Give 'em "S-A-L-L-E"
So fight on to victory!

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alma mater and fight song.