Other Ways to Give

You may be surprised by the number of ways that you can support La Salle University. Listed below are some of the most common ways that our contributors choose to make their gifts. We are grateful for each.

If you have any questions or you would like more information, please contact Nikolas Kozel at kozel@lasalle.edu or 215.951.1539.

Pledges - You may choose to fulfill a gift over a period of time making a pledge for the total commitment you wish to contribute. To make a pledge, please call 215.951.1539 for a pledge form. All pledges must be received in writing.

Installment Options - Your gift can be paid in installment options. Please call 215.951.1539 for more information.

Securities - Gifts of securities -- stocks, bonds and mutual funds -- traded on an exchange or other public market may offer you more advantages than cash gifts.

If the securities have appreciated since they were purchased there could be a double benefit in that the full market value may be tax deductible and you will avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation. The same is true for securities issued by closely held companies, though an appraisal is needed to substantiate gifts valued over $10,000.

If you would like to make a gift of securities, call 215.951.1539 to notify La Salle University of your intended transfer of securities.

Charitable Gift Annuities - A tax deductible gift that guarantees you income for life with capital gains tax savings on appreciated property you donate and the remaining principal going to La Salle University when the contract ends. For more information, please call 215.951.1539.

- A bequest is the easiest way to make sure that the things you care about will be provided for in the future. You can make a significant gift without affecting your current income or cash flow and leave a legacy for future generations. For more information, please call 215.951.1539.

Real Estate Property - The University will consider gifts of land and the rights that issue out of land. Certain gifts of marketable commercial and residential real estate with a value of $50,000 or more will be accepted. You do not pay capital gains tax on a gift of appreciated real estate property.

Personal Property - Items like works of art, collections, jewelry and other personal propetry are also welcome, especially when they are directly related to a specific program or priority.

Other Property - Copyrights, trademarks and royalties can offer unique gift potential. Gifts of equipment, books and software will also be considered.