Alpha Theta Alpha


Starting as the Little Sisters of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the founding members of Alpha Theta Alpha broke away from their older brothers to form La Salle University’s first sorority.

In Alpha Theta Alpha, “Sisters Growing Together” is not just our motto; it’s our way of life. Each day, we teach and support one another while creating everlasting friendships. Sisters, old and new, share the special bond of sisterhood that accompanies becoming a part of this sorority.

Sisters of AΘA are known all over campus by professors, administrators, non-Greek friends, teammates, and recognized in our local community. We embrace La Salle’s tight-knit community and always strive to improve in everything we do.

Symbol: White rose, symbolizing elegance and beauty
Mascot: Snowflake, embodying our saying, “Individually unique, together complete”
Jewel: Peridot, traditionally associated with protection and luck
Motto: Adelphi Thallus Hamma, meaning “Sisters Growing Together”
Colors: Kelly green and white

In AΘA, we believe expression is important. That is why instead of naming our pledge classes by the Greek alphabet, we let each pledge class decide their own name together. By doing this, we truly express our saying, “Individually unique, together complete.”




Alpha Theta Alpha fundraises and donates to three causes.

Breast Cancer Awareness

The current sisters of Alpha Theta Alpha plan an Annual Walk to End Breast Cancer every fall. They organize this event to raise funds for Fox Chase Cancer Center. It is a 3 mile walk with free refreshments and pizza! There is also baskets and special items that are raffled off at the end of the walk.

Stopping Hunger and Raising Awareness about Eating Disorders

Alpha Theta Alpha teams up with another sorority at La Salle, Delta Phi Epsilon, during Eating Disorder Awareness Week to host and attend events to raise awareness.

B + Foundation

The B+ Foundation fights childhood cancer by raising money through dance marathons, 5Ks, T-shirt sales, and more. They offer financial and emotional support to families of children with cancer nationwide. The B+ Foundation also funds critical, cutting-edge childhood cancer research. Alpha Theta Alpha participates in La Salle’s event every year striving to raise awareness and funds for this incredible foundation.


Important Dates

For more information on any upcoming events, information on Alpha Theta Alpha, or any suggestions, please contact Nicole Magargal at 856-905-0521 or


Br. Gerald Fitzgerald Scholarship

Just as the white rose, the snowflake, and the color Kelly green have become synonymous with Alpha Theta Alpha, so has longtime adviser and friend Brother Gerry Fitzgerald, F.S.C. For more than 20 years, Br. Gerry has provided the women of ATA with the wisdom, guidance, and mentorship that has helped lead to the personal and professional success and achievement of our members. As you know, Alpha Theta Alpha sisters are some pretty impressive women!

In the spirit of continuing to contribute to the La Salle University community, the sisters of Alpha Theta Alpha have decided to establish a scholarship in Br. Gerry’s name for a current La Salle student in ATA . Many of our sisters would not have been able to attend La Salle if not for the scholarships they received.

Current Executive Board

President: Nicole Magargal
Vice President: Jessica Snyder
Treasurer: Taylor Wall
Recording Secretary: Grace Hughes
Corresponding Secretary: Megan McGee
Social Chair: Casey Leven
Scholarship: Allison Sonson
Fundraising: Arianna Casper

Current Pledge Classes on Campus

Better Together—spring 2014
The Lucky Ones—fall 2014
Like No Other—spring 2015
All We Need - spring 2016
One For The Books - fall 2017
Til The End - spring 2017


Previous Pledge Classes

Fall 1990: Later On
Spring 1990: 10,000 Maniacs
Spring 1991: Six Pack
Fall 1991: 10 Minutes Late
Spring 1992: 18 and Life
Fall 1992: Two Times Better
Spring 1993: High Five
Spring 1994: Triple Sec
Fall 1994: 3 Man
Spring 1995: Over and Out
Spring 1996: Clueless
Spring 1997: Just the Ten of Us
Fall 1997: Short and Sweet
Fall 1998: Ghetto Superstars
Spring 1998: All Chiefs, No Indians
Spring 1999: The Breakfast Club
Fall 1999: The Chosen One
Fall 2001: The Untouchables
Spring 2000: The Outsiders
Spring 2002: Girls Interrupted
Spring 2003: Fight Club
Fall 2003: A League of Their Own
Spring 2004: Crazy/Beautiful
Fall 2004: The Fugitives
Spring 2005: Perfect Strangers
Fall 2005: Serendipity
Spring 2006: Lost and Found
Fall 2006: Three's Company
Spring 2007: Unbreakable
Fall 2007: As Good As it Gets
Spring 2008: Some Kind Of Wonderful
Fall 2008: Rumor Has It...
Fall 2009: Against All Odds
Spring 2010: Perfect Ten
Fall 2010: All Four One
Spring 2011: The Sweetest Thing
Fall 2011: Call It Luck
Spring 2011: Anything But Ordinary
Fall 2012: Something Bittersweet
Spring 2013: Love Like This
Fall 2013: Never Too Late